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Autumn Kale Apple Salad

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Let’s talk cravings! Isn’t it our goal to actually CRAVE healthy food, instead of junk? Well here’s some tips on how to teach your body to crave good food!

Clean out your pantry

  1. Remove every bit of chocolate, every last spoon of ice cream, every single cookie, can of soda, sweet and bad treat from your home and, if possible, your workplace. If you don’t have it around, you can’t eat it!

  2.  When guests come over and bring dessert, send it back home with them or throw out the remainder. It seems like a terrible waste of food, but you know in your heart that it was the right thing to do for your health.

Carry around healthy foods

  1. I carry an apple in my bag, and keep a box of high-fiber homemade granola or a bag of nuts in my car so I can scoop up a handful whenever a craving hits.

  2. If I’m going out for a while, and particularly if I expect that there’ll be food temptations on offer, I’ll bring my own healthy snacks with me. Eating nuts or squeezing nut butter packets in my mouth is really helpful in keeping me satisfied and keeps me from over eating.

Bury craved foods in the middle of a meal

  1. If you eat chocolate at the start of a meal, your brain will associate chocolate with the relief of hunger as you “find” food. If you have chocolate at the end of a meal, your brain will come to expect a delicious sweet ritual at the end of every meal.

  2. For two weeks, try to avoid all unhealthy craved foods. You’ll see you will crave them less and most of the time you won’t crave them at all! But after two weeks, allow yourself just a small portion of the craved food in the middle of the meal, you will see it will have a much different effect and you will feel in control again.

  3. Health fats help with food cravings!!!

  4. Nut’s, seeds, eggs, avocado, leafy greens with olive oil, give them a try and you’ll see your sweet cravings diminish, quickly!

And below is a delicious Fall salad to kick off your weekend! Enjoy!

Autumn Kale & Apple Salad



  1. ½ cup tricolor dry quinoa

  2. 6 cups slightly packed chopped kale it will take about 1½ bunches. Remove thick ribs before chopping – 6 oz. chopped

  3. 2 crisp sweet apples cored and chopped (I used gala apples)

  4. 1 cup walnuts lightly toasted and roughly chopped

  5. 1/4 cup dried cranberries

  6. 4 oz. goat cheese crumbled


  1. ½ cup olive oil

  2. 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

  3. 2 TBSP honey

  4. 1½ TSP dijon mustard

  5. Salt to taste


  1. Cook quinoa according to directions on package and cool completely. While quinoa is cooling, whisk together all of the dressing ingredients in a jar or bowl. Add kale to a salad bowl, whisk dressing once more then pour ¾ of the dressing over kale and toss until kale is evenly coated. Cover bowl, and chill 15 minutes (adding the dressing and letting it rest helps soften kale a bit).

  2. Remove salad from refrigerator, add apples, quinoa, walnuts and cranberries. Pour remaining dressing over salad then toss. Add goat cheese and toss just lightly. Serve or store covered in refrigerator for up to 4 hours.

Recipe Notes

Tip: If you aren’t going to be eating the salad right away, I recommend dipping the apples in a lemon water solution (1 TBSP fresh lemon juice with 1 cup water in a bowl), and letting the apples rest in the mixture for about 1 minute. Then, remove them and drain on paper towels – this will reduce the amount of browning!


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