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Do You Know What’s In Your Make-Up?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

What are you putting on your skin?

Did you know that makeup can contain thousands of chemicals? That’s right – thousands! And the skin is an organ – it absorbs what’s put on it and all those chemicals go right into your body. Here’s the top five chemicals to be sure to avoid, and then an option for organic, toxin-free make-up that I use!

  1. Parabens – Used to stop the growth of bacteria, but parabens have also been linked with breast cancer for their estrogen-mimicking properties. Parabens have been found in biopsy samples in breast cancer cases – you definitely don’t want these in your make-up!

  2. Phthalates – Found in perfume, deodorants, and hair spray, phthalates have been linked to breast cancer, early development in girls, and reproductive defects in both men and women. It’s important to know that phthalates can be disguised as “fragrance” in many products, so be sure to read the labels!

  3. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) – Statistics show that SLS and SLES can be found in almost 90% of all cleaning and personal care products, despite its’ ability to form into a carcinogen when combined with other chemicals.

  4. Toluene – Toluene is a petrochemical derived from petroleum or tar coal sources. It is so potent that it has the ability to dissolve paint and paint thinner. You may see it on a label as phenylmethane or benzene, and it is a known skin and respiratory irritant.

  5. Formaldehyde – Despite the fact that formaldehyde has been labeled a carcinogen, it is still found in shampoos, conditioners, nail polish & polish removers, and eye shadows.

If you’re looking for a clean, organic, safe make-up and skin care line, look no further! I use LimeLife; it is the only safe and organic brand that I trust in my home and around my family.


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