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Shop Skinny & Save Money

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Make a trip to the grocery store easier on yourself (and your wallet) with these tips!

Happy shopping,

Don’t Forget Your List

Stick to your list! Healthy decisions start before you even walk through the front doors of the store. If they have smaller carts outside choose that one, it will help you buy just the things you need. It will also save you time and money. Have everyone in your family help contribute to building the shopping list. Kids (and adults too) are more willing to try new foods when they help chose them.

Stay on the Outside of the Store.

Do the bulk of your shopping in the perimeter of the grocery store where the more wholesome fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and fish reside. Choose meat or fish items that are 80 percent lean or higher, and try different kinds of fruits and vegetables each week. While the junk food tends to be in the center aisle, that is also where you will find many other healthy additions to your grocery cart including beans, frozen fruits and vegetables and whole grains. But, as a general rule of thumb, take your time loading up on whole, nutritious items on the outside of the store and then make your way through the middle to get only the items on your list.

Buy a Few Health Foods in Bulk.

Items such as meat, nuts, yogurt and some grains can tend to run on the higher end, price wise. Try buying these items in bulk. Whether this means a large tub of Greek yogurt for the week or a big bag of quinoa and almonds to last you the month. Meat is also a great thing to buy in larger amounts, allowing you to freeze any extra. Plus, buying in bulk helps keep your pantry stocked with basics, ensuring you always have plenty choices when you need to whip up dinner.

Frozen Food can help with Keeping Fruit and Veggies on Hand.

Studies are showing that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthful, if not more, as some of the fresh produce sold in stores. Fruits and vegetables that are picked for freezing are usually harvested when they are at their peak ripeness.

Read your Labels.

Make sure your labels have few ingredients. You should be able to read and identify all the ingredients. This will help to eliminate added sugars, fats and preservatives and focuses on the most wholesome version of the food. Remember if you can’t pronounce it ITS NOT FOOD!!!!!!


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