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What’s In Season This Month?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

What’s in season this month? I love Fall for all the delicious foods it brings and the cozy weather for soups, chilis, and more!

  1. Apples— Time for applesauce and pies! Look for Jon gold, Brae burn, Fuji, yellow Golden Delicious, and tart green Granny Smith.

  2. Tomatoes, including green tomatoes— if you’re a gardener, make sure to pick all of your tomatoes before the first freeze. You can ripen any unripe green tomatoes, by just leave them on the counter to ripen. They will eventually turn red.

  3. Grapes— Fill out the colors of the rainbow with different varieties of seedless table grapes.

  4. Green Beans— Look for crisp string beans and wax beans that snap when you bend them, thin and tender French green beans, and flat bright green Romano beans.

  5. Figs—It is rare that figs make it to a recipe in my house we love eating them straight! But if you have lots of self-control, make jam, for sweet dough tarts!

  6. Eggplant— Pick up globe eggplants for eggplant Parmesan, or tender Japanese eggplants for a ginger miso stir-fry.

  7. Chilies— Buy a bagful of Hatch green chilies or Anaheim, until they are black all over.  If you freeze them this way, the blackened bits will just slip off like silk when you defrost them.

  8. Tomatillos— Tomatillos may look like green tomatoes in husks, but they are just remotely related. Use tomatillos for Mexican salsa Verde.


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