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Raw Blueberry Cheesecake


1/4 cup Water

1/2 oz Gelatin

2 cups Oats (rolled)

3/4 cup Maple Syrup (divided)

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (divided)

2 tsps Vanilla Extract (divided)

1/2 tsp Sea Salt (divided)

3 cups Cashews (raw, soaked overnight, drained & rinsed)

2 cups Blueberries (fresh or frozen, divided)

2 tbsps Lemon Juice


  1. Add the water to a small microwave-safe dish. Sprinkle the gelatin on top, then microwave for 30 seconds. Set aside and allow to cool.

  2. Add the oats, 1/3 of the maple syrup, 2/5 of the coconut oil, half of the vanilla, and half of the sea salt to the blender or bowl of a food processor. Process until a sticky, slightly crumbly dough starts to form.

  3. Pour the dough into the bottom of a springform pan. Spread the dough evenly with your hands or with the bottom of a cup. Set aside and wipe the blender or food processor clean.

  4. Add the remaining following ingredients to the blender or food processor: maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla, and salt. Add the cashews, half of the berries, and lemon juice. Process until very smooth and creamy. Stir in the remaining berries.

  5. Pour the mixture into the springform pan on top of the crust. Smooth it out with a spatula, then transfer it to the fridge to set for at least three hours. Slice, serve, and enjoy!



Refrigerate covered or in an airtight container for up to five days. Freeze for up to three months.

Serving Size

A nine-inch springform pan was used for 10 servings. One serving is equal to one slice of cheesecake.

Coconut Oil

For 10 servings, use 3 tbsp of coconut oil in the crust and 1/3 cup in the filling.

More Flavor

Add cinnamon to the crust.

Additional Toppings

Add more berries on top.

No Blueberries

Use Saskatoon berries or any other type of berry instead.


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